Singapore JB Taxi

Convenient and Reliable Taxi Services

Taxi Services directly from Singapore to Malaysia / Mersing / Melaka / Johor Bahru or Taxi from Malaysia to Singapore Please call Richard:

Relax and enjoy the journey while your driver pick you up from the comfort of your door step and drop you off at the destination — all without having the need to change vehicles or walk through the customs.

Good for 7 passengers with no luggage, or 4 passengers if you are travelling with luggage.

Prices starts from S$130 a trip getting from Singapore to Johor Bahru (JB) city.

Advance booking is highly recommended at ☎ +65 6589 8551 (Singapore) or +6 03 2630 8400 (Malaysia).

Singapore Johor Taxi vehicle

Singapore Johor Taxi seats

Singapore Johor Taxi luggage boot space